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Compiling with Continuations book
Compiling with Continuations book

Compiling with Continuations by Andrew W. Appel

Compiling with Continuations

Compiling with Continuations ebook download

Compiling with Continuations Andrew W. Appel ebook
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Page: 270
Format: djvu
ISBN: 0521416957, 9780521416955

Catch events at the border of the task or outgoing sequence flows in the case of a critical task – the pointers of the corresponding functions are saved in extra continuation variables. Sleep uses paused functions as continuation objects. To run this, remember to add -P:continuations:enable to both compilation and runtime or if you run it in REPL remember to start it with that option. When next next is called, the continuation is resumed, so the execution is restarted just after If you use a Linux (I use a Fedora 11), I've already compiled a VM with callcc patch. I represent an anonymous function with an inline block of code. In the continuation of this post I'll show test results for different .Net frameworks and compiler options. This example demonstrates the syntax for anonymous functions. Handlers in asynchronous API programming are an example of a more general idea of continuations. The implementation is based on continuation, yield stops the current execution and saves the stack frames as an object, the value passed as argument to yield is received by the method next of the iterator. Furthermore, the model editor integrates a compiler and a simulator so that the business analysts can test and debug the modeled processes on the same level of abstraction. You want the compiler to be able to perform a fusion -- to compile the two operations into one kernel, as long as the underlying hardware allows it. The main source of information on Scala continuations is the EPFL paper describing how continuations were designed in the Scala compiler. A continuation reifies the concept of "the rest of the computation." In particular, when we call an async API and pass it a handler, we ask it to perform the rest of the computation at a later .. Furthermore, for every possible continuation – i.e. So download jdk7-b75 binaries, and unzip in directory jre/lib/i386. In a recent thread on scala-user it was announced that Tiark Rompf is writing a Scala compiler plugin for working with delimited continuations. It seems that the most interesting phase of this particular task is behind me as I have now spent two days compiling this data into a single document and format. The plugin is still in development, but it is scheduled to be included in Scala 2.8.

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